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2007年度日本社会病理学会学術奨励賞および2008年度第七回日本犯罪社会学会奨励賞 受賞





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AKIHIKO SATO (Ph.D., Kyoto University) is Professor of Sociology, School of Sociology, Kwansei Gakuin University, Japan 

He has been studying both legal and illegal drug problems for thirty years. He is the author of Drug and Discourse: Methamphetamine in Japan (Kakuseizai no Shakaishi, Toshindo, Tokyo, Japan, published in Japanese, Japanese Association of Social Problems Academic Promotion Award (2007) and 7th Japanese Association of Sociological Criminology Promotion Award (2008)), and Sociology of Drugs: Psychoactive substances and social order (Drug no Shakaigaku, Sekaishisosha, Kyoto, Japan, published in Japanese) 

He has published many articles and book chapters on drug problems and drug policies, including “Methamphetamine use in Japan after the Second World War: Transformation of narratives”, Contemporary Drug Problems, 35/Winter 2008, 717-746, 2009, and “Methamphetamine users and the process of condemnation in Japan: framing and influence” in S. MacGregor and B. Thom eds., Risk and Substance Use: Framing Dangerous Places and Dangerous People, Routledge, 2020.

Keywords; Japanese drug policy, drug use in Japan, harm reduction, drug-induced sufferings, discourse analysis. qualitative analysis      

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研究キーワード:薬物政策 薬物使用 ドラッグ ハーム・リダクション 薬害 ディスコース分析 質的分析 脱逸脱をめぐる当事者活動 逸脱の社会学


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